Finally, your money spent on detailing shows.

When someone buys a used car, to them - it is a new car.
So why try and sell them a used car image?

1.  Photography

A photographer's eye, the right equipment,
and a great photo is only the beginning.

2.  Color Correction

Authentic color representation for both exteriors
and interiors demonstrate the vehicle
not only as it was meant to be seen,
but how it wants to be seen by the buyer.

3.  Image Sharpening

Industry standard photo finishing techniques
delivered to the pre-owned car market.
The photo is corrected for contrast,
balanced for highlights, the grain removed,
and it’s still not done...

4.  Background Removal

Labour intensive precise cut outs
remove the background from the original image
allowing all eyes to focus on the car.

5.  Background Replacement

Your one of a kind tailor made background is inserted
allowing your inventory to look perfectly posed
and uniform every time.

6.  Your Dealer Logos

Let the online shopper know who to call.
Stamp your custom logo on the image
and attach your phone number and address.

THE QUESTION we ask ourselves is

If I were looking for a grey RX350 and came across these images, would I hesitate
to inquire about it first?

Our Clients.

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